The Good Friends (Albury) Inc.

We are people servicing people

The good friend (Albury) Inc. is a group of lay people who get together to help Buddhist monks to serve the local community. The work may be as simple as help the monks look after the temple and welcome people on Sunday for Sunday service or create other services to reach out to the community.


Apart from volunteering for the services, the group also have the task to help maintain financial sustainability of the temple as the traditional donation from lay Buddhists here in regional city does not seem to be self-sufficient.

A new way of op-shop

Consider this, if we run an op-shop, on one side, it will provide funding for us to run our services, on the other side, it should create some kind of good value to the society.

Today, to have a space to run an op-shop may not be economical as a space in town is expensive. So we look at having our goods sale online that could be cost effective. We have to select the sort of goods we want to be donated to make it cost and time effective to run.

One point of having op-shop is to reuse the goods rather than send it to landfill. Our concept will remain eco-friendly operation. We will help to reduce the waste or sort it out to be recyclable.


After a trial for 2 years, these are list of donated goods we accept (working/not working)

1.       Washing Machine

2.       Cloth Dryer

3.       Ride on Mower

These goods will be repaired back to working condition or taken apart to sale as parts.

The remaining parts will be sort out for recycle centre or dispose of in an environmental friendly way.



Our online store

The Good Friends Albury online store

an eco-friendly innovative social enterprise

Eco-friendly Production Process

If you like to help our work by giving us your unwanted goods, please send us message on or an email . We understand that these goods are heavy and bulky, we are happy to take the delivery from your place, preferable time is Sunday afternoon.